Morton Salt

Morton Salt

Morton Salt is an American way of life. Since 1848, we have been improving lives and enhancing every day moments - at home, at work and virtually everywhere in between. Still today, we are widely recognized for our iconic Morton Salt Girl who has remained the face of our brand for over a century. And our products remain staples in the hearts and homes of millions of Americans. That's because we're a company with vision, drive and a big heart.




Capture the fresh flavors of the season with Morton Canning and Pickling Salt. This all-natural salt blends easily with liquid to make a clear brine, helping to preserve and bring out the flavor of your favorite canned creations.

Use in:
green Canning
green Pickling
green Cooking
green Baking
green Marinating
green Brining


Ingredients: Salt, Sugar, Propylene Glyco, .5% Sodium Nitrate, .5%Soduim Nitrite, Spice Extratives, Dextrose.

green Ready to use meat cure for home use
green Use interchangeably with Morton Tender Quick
green Formulated for dry or sweet pickle curing
green For meat, polutry, game, salmon and more


Morton Tender Quick is a fast-cure mix so you can cure meat, poultry or game right in your own kitchen. It gives meats a tasty cured flavor and characteristic pink color. Works particularly well with small cuts of meat, such as pork chops, spareribs and poultry.

green Fast cure action
green Improved flavor and color of meats