Colanders & Strainers


Precision cut berry outlines on brushed stainless steel make theses colanders artistically beautiful yet functional. Brush stainless steel exteriors and the interiors are polished stainless steel. Additional holes in the wide bottoms lets the water drain quickly. The tubular handles make for easy handling and the rolled edges make for easy pouring.

green 1.5 quart colander made of polished stainless steel
green Festive strawberry cutouts 
green Hand washing recommended


This Stainless Steel Funnel with Strainer belongs with all your essential cooking tools. You can probably think of a hundred ways to use a stainless steel funnel, so choose a high quality funnel that can handle them all. The funnel easily fills bottles and jars without a mess. But wait, there's more! Insert the detachable screen when you need to strain out larger solids. Now you can reuse cooking oil, infuse vinegar with herbs, even brew your own beer! Excellent for canning too. Safe to use in the dishwasher, but hand washing is recommended.

green Heavy duty stainless steel
green Perfect for herb infused vinegars and homemade wine
green The mouth has a diameter of 4.75"
green The stem has a 0.5" diameter
green Hand washing recommended


This high quality stainless steel funnel can transfer both liquids and solids between containers. Its wide mouth is large enough for sugar, flour, and grains like rice to flow through. A big helper in the kitchen! Works great with wide mouth canning jars! Wide stem opening allows large food items to pass through easily when packaging wide mouth canning jars. Can also be used to strain out larger solids by placing a mesh strainer on top. Perfect for reusing cooking oils, and infuse vinegar with herbs. For easy storage, hang up the funnel by its sturdy secure handle. Dishwasher safe.

green Wide mouth measures 5.5" diameter
green Stem measures 2.25" diameter
green High quality stainless steel
green Works great with wide mouth canning jars
green Secure handle for easy storage