100% degradable and compostable. Use for food scraps, peelings, egg shells, coffee grounds and other biodegradable waste for composting. Fits most compost keepers and pails. Endorsed by ISAB and OPI. Boxed with dispenser lid. Perfecting for taking with you when you walk your pets too. Each bag is 6 liter, .65mm thick. 14 Inch x 16 Inch

green Includes 50 resuable bags
green Use for scraps, peelings, egg shells, coffee grounds and more
green Liners  maintain the cleanliness for your compost pail
green Fits most keepers and pails.


Keep that mirror-bright cookware shining with Kuhn Rikon Swiss Cleaner. Non-abrasive formula cleans all stainless cookware, inside and out, as well as your brass and copper. Completely food safe and water soluble.

green Cleaning paste for stainless steel, copper, brass and glass ceramic cookers
green Food Safe Formula and Non-Abrasive
green No toxic smell
green Water soluble
green No polishing required


Great for scouring kitchen appliances, sink cleaning, and removing greasy surfaces.  Cleans like a wonder in home, bath, kitchen and more.  Scour your home with ease using the Wonder Scourer™

green Knitted Flat Polypropylene Wire Cloth Fibers
green Foam Sponge Core
green Won't Scratch Most Surfaces
green Use to scrub and/or wash clean vegetables
green Rinse Pad Clean After Use
green Pad Size 5.5" x 4" x 1"


The MysticMaid Cleaning Cloth is the world's best microfiber cleaning cloth, based on patented technology. This microfiber cleaning cloth is perfect for hundreds of cleaning uses around the home. The reason: the entire length of each microfiber has been split into thousands of tiny micro-hooks and channels to collect, trap and remove dirt, dust, grease and grime. The more you use it, the more you'll appreciate how well it cleans! 

green Measures 19.75" x 13"
green Color assortment will vary - blue, teal, yellow and terra-cotta
green Use damp with plain water for cleaning
green Machine washable and reuseable
green Dries streak-free and lint-free in seconds


The 16 inch Roll Up Sink Protector is a durable, flexible and heat resistant rack that will protect kitchen sinks, particularly enameled basins, from chips and scratches caused by pots, dishes and flatware. It is made with a row of silicone-wrapped steel rods that are lined up side by side and connected to each other at each end by a silicone band. The silicone bands cushion and elevate the rack for further flexibility and protection and allow the rack to be rolled up for easy storage. 

green Protects your sink from scratches
green Rolls up when not in use for easy storage
green Made of steel covered with silicone
green Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
green Heat resistant up to 400° F
green Use as a large trivet or a cooling rack