40th Anniversary 2-Quart Enamel on Steel Teakettle

Chantal commemorated its 40th year in business with this fashionable teakettle. This kettle’s ergonomic stay-cool handle fits comfortably in the hand for easy pouring while the wide flat bottom facilitates rapid boiling. Our easy-clean, high quality enamel, which is guaranteed not to fade. Enamel-on-Steel teakettles are made with magnetic carbon steel which means they will work on all cooktops INCLUDING magnetic induction. Enamel is also easy to clean and the color will not fade over time. 2 qt. functional capacity. Limited warranty. May require hand protection when using a gas or professional stove.

green 2 Quart enamel on steel body
green Ergonomic black stay cool handle
green Works well with Induction stoves
green Wide flat bottom facilitates rapid boiling
green Large lid opening for easy filling and cleaning

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Helpful Tips:

When filling kettle make sure not to fill above the base of the spout line

A kettle that is filled past the base of the spout is more likely to

have water spurt during boiling
spill while pouring

Use a burner similar in size to the base of the kettle.
Capacity for the Anniversary Teakettle is 2 quarts

This is equivalent to 8 cups
The enamel interior will not impart flavor to your water
Enamel on Steel is perfect for use on all cooktops, including magnetic induction
Never leave water in a kettle not in use as this can result in a

Whistle alerts you when water has reached boiling point

Make sure the lid has been securely closed, so pressure properly builds inside kettle
Lift whistle lid before pouring and beware of steam that can be released

Product Details

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Brand: Chantal
Size: Base Diameter 6.25"
Capacity: 2 Quarts
Material: Carbon Steel
3 lbs
Color: Red, Yellow,  Aqua,  Light Blue, Green

Data sheet
Chantal ANN-YC (882)


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