Bag Well Sealable Bag Holder

Hands Free Help and Convenience for your Food Storage Chores. Package includes one Bag Well Plastic Freezer Bag holder for your Food Storage, clean-up, or other household needs. Great for holding open gallon bags, for crockpot or slow cooker liners while you fill them. Also makes a handy drying rack or bag stand for recycling sandwich bags, quart sized or almost any size bags. To fill, just fold the gallon bag sealing area over the tabs of the baggie holder stand, spread the bag inside and you have a wide open target to pour in soup, vegetables, or pasta. Will quickly become one of your most used canning supplies.

green Perfect for filling gallon size freezer or storage bags
green Holds gallon bags wide open and stable
green Folds neatly in half and stores flat

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Product Details

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Brand: HIC
Size: 7" x 6.5"
Material: Plastic

Data sheet
HIC 1355 (878)