GarlicZoom XL Garlic Chopper

Mince garlic faster than ever with the Chef'n GarlicZoom® Garlic Chopper. This mighty gadget allows you to mince garlic to your desired texture without dirtying cutting boards or knives with sticky garlic juice. Simply load the GarlicZoom chamber with garlic, roll the unit back and forth on a smooth surface, and let the interior blades take over. Rolling more will result in a fine mince while less rolling offers a coarser chop. The improved GarlicZoom® features more gearing for easier rolling, bigger finger holds for safer blade removal, and sturdier construction overall. Compact design takes up little space in your kitchen. Top-rack dishwasher safe.

green Mince garlic without cutting board or knives
green Removable stainless steel blade
green Compact design

green Top rack dishwasher safe

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Where others see utensils, Chef'n sees potential. At Chef'n, every product gives them a chance to bring big thinking to the smallest corner of the kitchen. If every ingredient was the same shape, and every recipe worked the same way, we’d probably only need one tool in the kitchen. Checking back in with reality, however, we find the need for some pretty specific items. Chef'n has them, and each is designed to do more—so you can use your kitchen time better.

Product Details

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Brand: Chef'n
Size: 10.6" x 5.3" x 3.75"
Material: Plastic

Data sheet
Chef'n 102-663-011 (072)


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