Mrs. Anderson's Baking Ebelskiver Turning Tools

Mrs. Anderson's Baking Ebelskiver Turning Tools are designed to gently turn the beloved Danish pancakes for which they are named. Traditional ebelskivers, also called "appleskives" meaning apple slices, are cooked in a specially designed ebelskiver pan that features half-sphere indentations which form their distinctive spherical shape. Mrs. Anderson's Ebelskiver Turning Tools are uniquely designed to reach into these indentations and gently turn the delicate pancakes over while keeping them, and their delicious filling, intact.  Made from Eastern European beechwood, they won't scratch non-stick cookware. 

green Set of 2 turning tools
green Made from Eastern European beechwood
green Won't scratch delicate surfaces

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Product Details

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Brand: HIC
Size: 12" x 0.75" x 0.01
Material: Beechwood
 0.93 oz
Notes: Set of 2

Data sheet
HIC 43771 (886)