ProAccurate Large Dial Ovenproof Meat Thermometer

The ProAccurate® Large Dial Ovenproof Meat Thermometer is perfect for professional results with roasts, meat and poultry cooked in conventional or microwave ovens, on the grill, rotisserie, or in smoke ovens.   Use it for quick, accurate readings after food has been removed from the microwave oven — or leave in the food when cooking in conventional ovens. The slender stainless steel stem penetrates meat easily, and minimizes the loss of juices.


green Temperature range 130° F to 190° F / 54° C to 88° C
green Dual scale with target range indication

green Ovenproof 2" dial with laboratory glass lens
green Reference side slide marker
green 5" stainless steel stem
green Temperature guide
green 5 year limited warranty

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Notes: Detailed specifications and additional information are available for download in the documents below.

Data sheet
CDN IRM200 (055)
Product Downloads

IRM200 Specifications

Specifications for the IRM200 Ovenproof Meat Thermometer

Download (257.54k)

IRM200 Onwers Manual

Owners Manual for the IRM200 Ovenproof Meat Thermometer

Download (247.33k)


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