Set of 4 Crafthouse Classic Collection Coupe Champagne Glasses

Crafthouse by Fortessa® is a comprehensive barware collection designed by World Champion bartender, Charles Joly, for the aspiring home bartender and professional alike.

The glass for all of the iconic cocktails – Sidecar, Daiquiri, Manhattan. The saucer-shaped bowl and long, graceful stem allow the aromatics and flavors of spirit-forward cocktails to be revealed. With effervescent points etched on the inside of the glass, our coupe functions great for bubbly champagne cocktails by extending the lifespan of the fizz.

The decorative etched lines create measured pours of 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6 ounces.


green 9.5 oz Glass
green Etched line at 2oz mark
green Etched line at 3oz mark
green Etched line at 4oz mark
green Etched line at 5oz mark
green Etched line at 6oz mark

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Brand: Fortessa
Capacity: 9.5 oz

Data sheet
Fortessa CRFCC.111219 (101)


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