Stainless Steel Portion Control Scoop

These scoopers are ambidextrous and made of stainless steel.  Perfect size for scooping. Each scoop has the size stamped on the bowl blade.  Spring action makes this ideal for cookies, ice cream, meatballs, melon balls, portion control and dishing up and serving just about any type of food.

green Portion control scoop with ambidextrous handle
green Stainless steel with strong spring action for easy scooping
green Scoop size is stamped on the inside of the bowl blade
green Smooth sweeping action allows for all day use
green Dishwasher safe

3/8 oz with 1 1/4 inch diameter
1/2 oz with 1 7/16 inch diameter
9/16 oz with 1 1/2 inch diameter
5/8 oz with 1 9/16 inch diameter
7/8 oz with 1 3/4 inch diameter
1 1/4 oz with 1 15/16 inch diameter
1 3/4 oz with 2 inch diameter
2 1/2 oz with 2 1/8 inch diameter
2 3/4 oz with 2 1/4 inch diameter
3 1/4 oz with 2 1/2 inch diameter
3 3/4 oz with 2 5/8 inch diameter
4 oz with 2 3/4 inch diameter
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Brand: Update International

Data sheet
Update DS-100 (778)