Wonder Cup Adjustable Measuring Cup

The Wonder Cup Adjustable Measure eliminates the need for clean-up between measuring ingredients. Easy to use: Press - releasing the cup from the sleeve, press with thumb or forefinger at point marker "press" on top of the cup. Twist - twist and pull sleeve to the desired measurement. Fill - with solids fill to the top edge and level off with the back of a knife blade or spatula, with liquids fill to the top edge. Push - to eject contents and return cup to closed position, hold sleeve in one hand and push the cup with the other. Do not use with boiling water. Do not put in dishwasher - wash or rinse with warm water.

green Available in 1 Cup (#3045) or 2 Cup (#3046) capacities
green Measurements in: teaspoon, tablespoon, cup, fluid ounce, and milliliter.
green For use with dry or liquids 
green Hand washing only

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