Cork Pops Wine Bottle Opener

The fastest, easiest way to open a bottle of wine! Simply insert the needle straight down through the cork, press once on the top of the low pressure propellant cartridge, and the cork is lifted out with a celebratory "POP"! What could be easier? Each cartridge will open approximately 60-80 bottles before requiring a replacement.  Cork Pops makes the perfect addition to your bar.

green Quickly uncork bottles of wine with compressed air
green Includes one cartridge - refill cartridges sold separately
green No pulling - no twisting - no more broken corks

green Does not harm the wine or the environment
green Perfect for people with mobility issues
green Used in Napa Sonoma Tasting Rooms!
green Made in the USA

prop-65-20x20 California Proposition 65

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Product Details

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Brand: Cork Pops
Size: 7" x 2.25" x 2.5"
Color: Black
Notes: Includes 1 cartridge capable of opening 60 bottles


Cartridge contents under pressure. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN.

  • Do not puncture, incinerate or store above 120 degrees F.
  • Do NOT use on 1.5 Liter bottles, Champagne, Sparkling, or odd-shaped bottles; including square, rectangular or mixed.
  • Misuse could cause fracture. A flawed bottle could rupture.

Use only as directed. Intentional misuse by deliberately concentrating and inhaling contents can be harmful or fatal.  If sprayed in eyes or on skin, flush with warm water. If irritation occurs, see physician.

Contains R-134A. 

Data sheet
Cork Pops 12237 (077)
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