Cork Pops

Our family has been creating unique wine accessories for over 25 years. We are proud to say that our products are part of celebrations and family events each and every day. We started as a father and son working together in a California garage to make ideas come to life, and we spend each day ensuring that we hold true to the same pride in all our products that was felt with the introduction of the original Cork Pop bottle opener.

We strive to continue to introduce innovative products that not only contribute to our success, but are products that more than 3,000 retailers across the country can offer to help their family business succeed. Included in this line are corkscrews, bar towels, bar accessories, glassware and much more.

We are honored to be able to point to successful items in our line and say, with great pride, that the patent is held by Bill Federighi. He is present in our facility while items such as the original Cork Pop bottle opener and best-selling vinOair are manufactured. We have made a commitment to produce as many of our products in-house as possible and you will find a special symbol throughout our catalog indicating a product that is "Proudly Made in the USA". We are focused on bringing manufacturing "back home" and hope that you will share in our pride.

"Great items are the basis of our company but it is our fierce commitment to customer service that has made our company successful. We are not just selling a cork remover we are maintaining a family tradition of pride and quality workmanship"

Thank you for your continued support.

Bill and Susan Federighi



Set of 2 Giovanni Vacuum Wine Saver Stoppers
Cork Pops Refill Cartridges - Set of 2
Giovanni Vacuum Wine Saver
Giovanni Vacuum Wine Saver

Vacuum Wine Saver comes with two silicone stoppers. Place stopper in unfinished bottle, pump Saver until you feel resistance which shows you have created a vacuum. Saves your wine for 2-3 days so you can enjoy it by the glass.
 Easy to use, save opened bottles Includes two bottle stoppers Enjoy wine by the glass
VinOair Wine Aerator
Cork Pops Wine Bottle Opener