The name Wusthof first appeared as a factory in the records of the Duchy of Berg in 1814. It was in that year that the family's ancestor, Abraham Wusthof, founded his "factory for fine steel wares", which is now known as the Dreizackwerk. The business has remained in the family ever since. Today, Harald Wusthof and Viola Wusthof is the seventh generation of the family to manage Wusthof Dreizackwerk.

"The Dreizackwerk has always withstood the ebb and flow of world history," wrote Hugo Eduard Wusthof, born in 1894, in his review of the years 1912 to 1932.

Over the past 200 years, our products have established a reputation above all for their quality and functionality.

Wusthof is recognized worldwide as a specialist in outstanding knives. We are immensely proud of this reputation, but it also means we have a responsibility towards our employees, suppliers and customers, as well as to society and the environment.





Wusthof - 3.5" Classic Paring Knife
Wusthof - 4.5" Classic Utility Knife
Wusthof - 6" Classic Utility Knife
Wusthof - 8" Classic Bread Knife
Wusthof - 6" Classic Cook's Knife
Wusthof - 6" Classic Boning Knife
Wusthof - 7" Classic Santoku Knife
Wusthof - 10" Classic Ham Slicer
Wusthof - 8" Classic Cook's Knife
Wusthof - 8" Classic Cook's Knife
The Classic 8" Cook's Knife is the work horse of the kitchen, or the essential kitchen knife. The cook’s knife is an indispensable all-purpose kitchen knife that can be used for chopping, mincing, slicing and dicing. Due to the weight and balance of the knife, it is also perfect for heavy-duty work such as cutting thicker vegetables and meats
 Forged from a single blank of high carbon stainless steel The full tang is triple riveted to the handle PEtec blade edge is 20% sharper with twice the edge retention. Comfortable and highly-durable polyoxymethylene (POM) handle Full bolster and finger guard