Sink Accessories

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Plastic Corner Sink Strainer
Endurance Sink Strainer - Large
Silicone Sink Stopper
Silicone Sink Stopper

When it's time to empty the Silicone Sink Strainer, simply pick it up by the center post and invert the silicone basket. The silicone on the underside won't scratch sinks.
Easy to clean silicone can invert to empty Stain resistant Silicone underside will not scratch sink
2-in-1 Sink Strainer and stopper
Siroflex Aerator
Endurance Mesh Sink Strainers - set of 2
Corner Sink Strainer - Stainless
Corner Sink Strainer - Stainless

Keep your sink and kitchen tidy with the corner sink strainer. Compact design fits into most sinks to allow you to dry vegetables, dishes and more. Features small feet on the base to allow for drip-drying.
Helps prevent clog drains Holds peels, trimmings, shells, etc May be used as a strainer Plastic

Available In Multiple Sizes Roll Up Sink Protector
Roll Up Sink Protector
The 16-inch Roll Up Sink Protector is a durable, flexible and heat-resistant rack that will protect kitchen sinks, particularly enameled basins, from chips and scratches caused by pots, dishes and flatware. It is made with a row of silicone-wrapped steel rods that are lined up side by side and connected to each other at each end by a silicone band. The silicone bands cushion and elevate the rack for further flexibility and protection and allow the rack to be rolled up for easy storage. 
 Protects your sink from scratches Rolls up when not in use for easy storage Made of steel covered with silicone Easy to clean and dishwasher safe Heat-resistant up to 400° F Use as a large trivet or a cooling rack
Folding Wooden Dish Rack
PrepWorks Over the Sink Colander
PrepWorks Over the Sink Colander

Our Collapsible Over-the-Sink Colander is perfect for rinsing fruits and vegetables. The Collapsible Over-the-Sink Colander performs all the same functions of a standard colander, but collapses to ⅓ its original size to take up less space on the shelf or in the cabinet. Arms extend up to 24” to reach over the sink.
 6 quart capacity Specially designed hole pattern allows water to drain quickly and easily Rigid design allows colander to stand on its own yet still folds easily for storage Non-skid tabs on handles keeps colander in place during use Colander can be used collapsed for smaller jobs or expanded for larger

Expanding Over the Sink Colander
Expanding Over the Sink Colander
Have you ever spilled food or burned your hands while juggling both a hot pot and a hot metal colander? With the Norpro over-the-sink colander, your hands are free to handle one task at a time--your sink stabilizes the stainless-steel mesh basket. Simply place the rubber feet on the sink edges, sliding the handles outward for a custom fit. The basket can be adjusted to hang directly under your faucet for rinsing and washing. Slip a pan or bowl underneath the free-hanging basket to catch drippings, to strain gravies and sauces, or to sift dry ingredients.
 Professional gauge stainless steel frame and fine mesh basket  Rubber feet and sliding handles custom fit to sink  Frees your hands to hold both handles of pot  Measures 13.5" x 9" - expandable to 22" Hand washing recommended
Endurance Pierced In-Sink Drainer
Stainless Steel Dish Rack