The Whip-It! Brand cream chargers were developed by the original factories in Switzerland in the 1940's. United Brands recognized the need to create efficient and innovative designs in addition to quality whipped cream. A partnership was formed and Whip-It! was introduced for use within the food service industry. Worldwide sales of Whip-It! dispensers and chargers have been fueled by an increase in coffee consumption, for which whipping cream is increasingly used to substitute aerosolized cans of whipped cream. The Whip-It! brand fresh cream dispensers, which require N20 cartridges, provide much better quality. Whip-It! has become a strong presence, recognized name and driving force in the commercial coffee industry, upscale restaurant businesses and the hospitality industry. During the next ten years, Whip-It! has introduced multiple new brands and products including soda siphons, butane torches and stoves.





Whip-it Cream Charger 10 Pack
Whip-It Pro Creamer