Driven by the vision to become a meaningful purveyor to the American hotel/ restaurant industry, Frieling was established in New York in 1988 and relocated to Charlotte, NC, in 1990. Early on, Frieling also established a strong presence in the retail industry, thanks to an innovative and diverse product range for the discerning consumer.

Since 1988 Frieling has specialized in fresh solutions For the Frieling team that means passionately developing and sourcing functional and well-designed products of the highest quality. Such a focused approach synergistically integrates several product categories, creating a convenient one-stop-shop for you.



Vegatelli Spiral Slicer
Vegatelli Spiral Slicer

This handy slicer creates beautiful mounds of julienne squash, carrots, zucchini, cucumbers and other vegetables for garnishing, toppings, and recipes.   Simply insert vegetables into the slicer and twist to create beautiful spiral julienne cuts.
Stainless steel blades Includes protective finger guard Stainless Steel / Plastic Dishwasher Safe

50 Vacuum Bags for Vacuum / Sous Vide Sealer
50 Vacuum Bags for Vacuum / Sous Vide Sealer
These pre-cut 7.9" x 11.8" bags are perfect for use with your Frieling Vacuum Sealer.
Puncture and tear resistant Safe for boiling, reheating and sous vide Complete protection from freezer burn Microwave and freezer safe Textured for the most consistent seal Pattern on bag interior ensures a better vacuum Trusted BPA free, Italian made quality 
Available In Multiple Sizes Black Cube Tempered Glass Lid
Black Cube Tempered Glass Lid
This lid is a perfect fit for your Cookware. The tempered glass is durable. The silicone rims insure a perfect fit. The vented lids allow you to monitor your cooking without releasing heat.
High quality tempered glass Adjustable, vented knob Oven safe up to 500°F Dishwasher safe
Vacuum / Sous Vide Sealer
Vacuum / Sous Vide Sealer
Save time and money!  Buy in bulk, divide and seal to freeze for the future.  This is a fully automatic vacuum system for food storage, preservation and sous vide.  The Frieling vacuum food sealer is designed with four sealing to provide the best preservation for your foods. You can choose between Strong, Gentle, Dry and Moist. Secure Seal for air-tight sealing every time.  The Frieling Vacuum Sealer include specially designed vacuum  bags that are designed to prevent freezer burn, reduce spoilage and food waste
Fully Automatic Choice of air-tight sealing amount Includes vacuum bags