Giovanni Vacuum Wine Saver

Vacuum Wine Saver comes with two silicone stoppers. Place stopper in unfinished bottle, pump Saver until you feel resistance which shows you have created a vacuum. Saves your wine for 2-3 days so you can enjoy it by the glass.

green Easy to use, save opened bottles
green Includes two bottle stoppers
green Enjoy wine by the glass

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The Giovanni Vacuum Wine Saver is used to preserve your wine after opening the bottle. Simply rinse one of the two stoppers with water and then squeeze the stopper sides when placing it into the bottle top. Place the vacuum pump on top of the stopper and pump to expel trapped air. Stop pumping when pump is difficult to pump. Store bottle in upright position. To remove the stopper just squeeze the stopper sides to release the vacuum pressure.

Product Details

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Brand: Cork Pops
Size: 11.2" x 5" x 2"

Data sheet
Cork Pops 10200 (075)