Lodge - Cast Iron Skillet

These skillets are multi-functional cookware the work wonder with slow-cooking recipes and all your favorite foods.   Cast iron loves a campfire, a stove top or an oven and can slow cook foods without scorching.  They retain heat well so you can sear meat at higher temperatures and keep your delicious meals worm for a long time.  Cast iron, like your grandmother used, still ranks as one of the best cooking utensils ever made.

green Sauté, sear, fry, bake and stir-fry
green Pre-seasoned and ready to use

green Superior heat retention and even cooking
green Sturdy handle with hole to hang for storage
green Made in the USA

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Why Buy Lodge Cast Iron

As the only full line of American-made cast iron cookware, Lodge boasts quality that has been unmatched for over a century. Even heating, a natural easy-release finish, versatility and durability are the hallmarks of our great cookware. We don't just make cast iron; we make heirlooms that bring people together for generations.




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Cooking And Caring For Your Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron

Caring for your cast iron doesn’t have to be complicated. Lodge cookware comes already seasoned and ready to use, so you can make your family's favorite recipes right away. You can use it on any heat source, from the stove top to the campfire (just not the microwave!). The more you use it, the better the seasoning will get.

  1. Wash cast iron by hand with mild soap or none at all.
  2. Dry promptly and thoroughly with a lint-free cloth or paper towel.
  3. Rub with a very light layer of vegetable oil, preferably while the cookware is still warm.
  4. Hang or store cookware in a dry place.


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