We design the best kitchen tools possible inspired by our passion for cooking, our love for excellent design and our dedication to making life more enjoyable.

We believe the table where you eat is also the table where you connect. Whether at a family function, an informal gathering with neighbours or an evening spent with the kids, we hope Cuisipro can be part of preparing and serving the food you love. Food, family and friends - this is what life is all about.




All new Kitchen Grips have an improved insulation, non-slip grip and our unique FLXaPrene™ material helps you safely remove hot food from the oven to the table

green Non-porous FLXaPrene™ material
green Extendable Cuff – unfolds for added protection
green Non-skid, Raised nub surface pattern
green Heat-Resistant 500°F/260°C to -134°F/-92°C
green Water-Repellent, Stain-Resistant 
green Top-rack Dishwasher Safe


The Cuisipro Spray Pump offers a healthy, handy way to add a light coat of flavor to just about anything. Add flavor to salads, vegetables, meats and fish - or lightly oil bakeware, grills, and saute pans. 

green Non-aerosol mister
green Even, find mist for healthy cooking
green Use with flavored oils and vinegars
green Use with water for plants
green Stainless Steel 
green Hand wash only