Founded in October 1971, Chantal Corporation is proud to have recently celebrated 43 years of strength determination and success. CEO and founder, German-born Heida Thurlow, relocated to the United States in 1970 and soo began her entrepreneurial journey. Trained as an engineer, Ms.Thurlow has the distinction of being the first woman in the U.S. to launch and run a cookware company. She has received numberous design and utility patents for teakettle and cookware design and innovation. Chantal was the first to bring dramatic color, tempered glass lids and stay-cool handles to the kitchenware marketplace and continues to dedicate itself to the creation of innovative products that bring elegance to the home. When not focused on product innovation, Chantal strives to find ways to give back through cause marketing efforts and through the Chantal Foundation.




Chantal has always been known for iconic tea kettles and is proud to introduce another classic style. A sought-after look inspired by traditional stove top designs from the past which have matching enamel lids, the Vintage Tea Kettle is fresh with a classic twist. It has a black phenolic stay cool grip and knob, a conical spout with one-tone whistle and a wide opening lid for easy cleaning and filling. Premium heavy duty enamel interior resists hard water and calcium buildup.


green 1.7 Quart enamel on steel body
green Carbon steel with premium enamel inside and out
green Traditional style with matching enamel lid
green Black Stay cool handle and knob
green Conical Spout with one-tone whistle
green Wide opening lid for easy cleaning and fill
green Perfect for all stove tops including Induction


Elegant, contemporary design and ingenious functionality make our Classic Loop Tea Kettle a favorite in the home and the design world. This kettle is part of Chantal’s Classic Series which includes the finest tea kettles from our collection. Each design offers incomparable elegance and is designed for exceptional use.  The kettle features an ergonomic stay-cool handle that fits comfortably in the hand for easy pouring. 

green 1.8 Quart enamel on steel body
green Black stay cool handle
green Black and Red carbon steel models work well with Induction stoves
green Brushed stainless steel model DOES NOT work with Induction stoves
green Pleasant single tone whistle