List of products by brand Norpro

In 1973 CEO Gunnar Lie founded Norpro with a vision of designing, manufacturing, and supplying the highest caliber kitchenware backed by a commitment to exceed customer expectations. His daughter, Kirsten Miller, shares his enthusiasm and passion. She has been running Norpro for several years. As President, she continues to build and grow Norpro, based on the principles established by her father.

Norpro is consistently at the forefront of product innovation. Traveling worldwide to study trends enables us to create cutting edge products and introduce our customers to the latest technologies and industry innovations. Our products reflect the utmost in quality and are manufactured with superior materials and craftsmanship. Norpro is a solid company filled with energetic, passionate people who are eager to meet your needs and serve you well. Everything we do is about offering our customers quality products, quality service, and a quality experience.



Utensil Pot Clip
Canning Rack
Set of 4 Stainless Steel Grapefruit Spoons
Norpro - My Favorite Scissors
Stainless Steel Pastry Blender
Pie Top / Pastry Lattice Rolling Cutter
Norpro - 9" Stainless Steel Pie Pan
Instant Electric Beverage Heater
Gift of a Norpro Tomato Holder
Gift of a Norpro Tomato Holder
Slice tomatoes evenly. Jump a slot or two for thicker slices. Use the holder for cutting onions, lemons, and limes as well. At 7-1/2 inches long overall, the cast aluminum holder works well for small and medium tomatoes and onions--up to about 3 inches in diameter. For storage, the cutter locks in the closed position.
Hand Crank Nut Chopper with Glass Jar
Stainless Steel Zester and Stripper
Stainless Steel Double Jigger
18" Tapered Rolling Pin
Grip-EZ Pastry/Ravioli Wheel Cutter
Norpro - Set of 3 Multicolor Cutting Boards - 11.5"x15"
Gift of a Silicone Omelet Maker
Gift of a Silicone Omelet Maker
Make fast tasty 2 large egg omelets in your microwave with your microwave omelet maker in minutes. It's a quick and healthy way preparing breakfast in the mornings. Recipes and instructions included. Nonstick easy to clean. High heat resistant silicone 428 F/220 C. Microwave times vary with wattage power. Instructions and recipes included and are based on 1000W at 80% power. Clean thoroughly before using. Product dimensions: 8.75"/22cm x 5"/13cm x 1.3750"/3.5cm. Capacity: Approximately 2 large eggs. Microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe. Silicone is FDA approved.
Nonstick 3 Egg Poacher
Deluxe Diet Scale
Jelly Strainer Stand with Bag
Cracker with 4 Picks
6" Cracker with Spring Action
Flour Sack Tea Towel Set
Set of 3 Colorful Felt Pan Protectors
Set of 4 Pie Top Cookie Cutters
4 Cup Gravy Oil Separator
11" x 7" Adjustable Roasting Rack
Set of 4, 2oz Butter / Sauce Cups
Norpro - Grip-EZ Clam and Oyster Knife
7.5" Stainless Steel Salad Tongs
Chrome Cork Puller
20 Reusable Fresh Bags
Deluxe Nutcracker
6' Stainless Steel Pie Crust Chain Weight
Norpro - 19" x 13" Cooling Rack
Norpro - 18" x 12.5" Chromed Steel Cooling Rack
Wood Pizza / Pastry Rolling Pin
18" Non-Tapered Rolling Pin
Norpro - Grip-EZ White 10" x 12" Cutting Board
Set of 2 Butter Warmers
13" Splatter Screen Strainer
6.5" Stainless Steel 1.5 Quart Berry Colander
Cherry & Olive Pitter
Nutmeg Grinder
5.5" Red Lobster Cracker
Norpro - 18" x 24" Pastry Cutting Mat
Large Garlic Baker
Acrylic Sunrise Cocktail Shaker
13.5" Stainless Steel Fish Turner
Apple Wedger and Corer
Norpro - 15" x 9" Cutting Board
5" Ceramic Garlic Keeper
Box of 50 Recyclable Bags
Egg and Mushroom Slicer
Stainless Steel Wide Mouth Canning Funnel
Norpro - 10" x 15" Nonstick Jelly Roll Baking Sheet
Stainless Steel Funnel With Strainer
Norpro - Checkerboard Cake Pan Set
Norpro - Stainless Steel 8.5" x 4.5" Bread Loaf Pan
Silicone Pastry Mat with Measures
Sterilizing Canning Lid Rack
Norpro - Nonstick Mini Muffin Cupcake Pan - 12 Count
Stainless Steel Pie Cutter/Server
Stainless Steel Pie Cutter/Server
This sleek polished stainless steel cake/pie server will look as great as it works. Made of professional gauge stainless steel and features a solid filled handle that guarantees a water tight seal. One side has a serrated edge for cutting wedges without relying on a knife.
 Made of stainless steel - 10.5" length Solid filled handle Serrated edge for cutting wedges Recommend hand washing
Tortilla Keeper
10" Cast Aluminum Meat Hammer
2 Mini Tortilla Bakers
Cast Iron Bacon Press with Wood Handle
11" Stainless Steel Baster with Injector and Cleaning Brush
11" Stainless Steel Baster with Injector and Cleaning Brush
The secret to beautiful and flavorful roasts and grilling meats, served moist and golden brown, is basting.  Prior to baking or grilling, attach the needle included to inject and infuse flavorful juices into your roasts and cuts of meat. Repeat every half hour or when grilling every 15 minutes. For best results, run the baster under hot water before basting, so the temperature of the baster will be warm. Remove roast from oven while basting and keep oven door closed. Baste quickly. This will keep the temperature of your oven from dropping. Silicone bulb heat-resistant to 450˚F. Stainless steel flavor injecting needle and cleaning brush included.
 Stainless steel baster with silicone bulb Measures 11" x 2" x 2" and holds 1.5 oz. Use for injecting or basting the pan juices, melted butter, marinade or homemade sauce  Silicone bulb heat-resistant to 450˚F Includes cleaning brush
Batter Drop / Donut Maker
Batter Drop / Donut Maker

Make delicious, fresh donuts in your own home with this quick, easy, no-mess dispenser. Also, great for pancakes and waffles. 
 Dispenses batter quickly and evenly. This item measures 7" x 4.5" 2 Cup capacity (16 ounces) Instructions and recipes included

Stainless Steel Double Butter Dish
Acrylic Cookbook, Ipad, Tablet Holder
15.5" Wood Mug Rack for 6 Mugs
Gift of a Norpro - 18.5" x 12.5" Cutting Board
Gift of a Norpro - 18.5" x 12.5" Cutting Board
These Norpro professional cutting boards are grooved on one side to catch juices and smooth on the other. They also have a convenient handle side. Made of polyethylene. Approved for commercial and industrial use.  
 Grooved on one side to catch juices, smooth on the other side Has a convenient handle Made of Polyethylene Dishwasher safe Approved for commercial and industrial use
13" x 10" Jumbo Roast Rack
13.5" Stainless Steel Solid Spatula
13.5" Stainless Steel Slotted Spatula
10" Meat Tenderizer Hammer
Aluminum 7 Piece Pie Divider
Norpro - 11" x 17" Nonstick Jelly Roll Baking Sheet
Set of 36 Tartlette Tins
Set of 36 Tartlette Tins

Create an attractive display of individual-sized appetizer or dessert pastries with this tartlet pan set. Thirty-six pan set consists of 6 different designs all having fluted edges: small & large round, diamond, oval rectangle and triangle. Sizes vary with shape, approximate sizes 2.5" to 3.5"
 Six each of 6 fluted designs (36-piece set) Small & Large round, diamond, oval, rectangle and triangle.  Made of heavy-duty tin Hand washing recommended

Norpro - 3 Tier Cooling Rack
Set of 2 - 12" Pie Splatter Guards
Grip-EZ Pizza Wheel Pizza Cutter
Gift of a Grip-EZ Pizza Wheel Pizza Cutter
Gift of a Grip-EZ Pizza Wheel Pizza Cutter
Norpro - 16" x 10"Cutting Board
Gift of a 10" Meat Tenderizer Hammer
Stainless Steel Ravioli/Pastry Cutter Wheel
Stainless Steel Ravioli/Pastry Cutter Wheel
Pastry wheel, sometimes called pastry cutter, makes cutting shapes fast and easy. Making homemade ravioli will be a snap with the ravioli cutter wheel. Double-headed fluted wheel for scalloped edge and straight cut with flat wheel. Ideal for pasta, pastry or cookie dough, create beautiful lattice crusts and decorative cuts for pies, pastries and ravioli. Profession Gauge Stainless steel.
 Measures: 7" x 3" x .5"  - Stainless steel Makes cutting shapes fast and easy Making homemade ravioli will be a snap Double-headed fluted wheel for scalloped edge  Ideal for pasta, pastry or cookie dough
3 Cup Stainless Steel Sifter
Cast Iron Pig Shaped Bacon Press with Wood Handle
12.5" Stainless Steel Slotted Serving Spoon
12.5" Stainless Steel Solid Serving Spoon
Stoneware Butter Keeper
Handheld Lemon Juicer
Handheld Lime Juicer
Handheld Lime Juicer

Extract all the juice without the rind, pulp or seeds. Maximum juicing with minimal effort. Durable cast aluminum. Place citrus half with cut side down in juicer and squeeze to juice.
Made of durable die-cast aluminum. Baked on coating won't rust or react to citrus juices Powder coat paint contains no lead Hand washing recommended

Pasta Drying Rack
Norpro - 12" x 14" Stainless Cookie Sheet
Norpro - Nonstick Fluted Tube Pan
2 Piece Stainless Steel Turkey Lifter
Norpro - 10" Nonstick Angel Food Cake Pan
Tortilla Basket Fryer